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Hako mini zero-load smart TV box reviews

HAKO mini officially calls it a “zero-load smart TV box”. It breaks the stereotype of TV boxes that ordinary people have in terms of appearance and function. It is only 37 grams of light weight, and the size is almost the same as a soda cookie, completely out of the past. The black box design is like a thick slice of toast, which is reminiscent of “soft design” using accessories to enhance the texture of the house, reflecting a personalized style, which is also the focus of the design of HAKO mini. A textured decoration also enhances the user’s quality of life through rich functionality.

Complete accessory support

The installation method of HAKO mini is quite simple. It can be used immediately after installation. The ports on both sides of the fuselage are HDMI and USB power supply ports. In order to reduce the size of the fuselage, Micro USB and Micro HDMI specifications are used. wire for easy installation.

 The accessories in the HAKO mini box include Bluetooth remote control, HDMI transmission cable, power transmission cable, simple manual and charging head, which can be said to be quite complete.

 The Micro USB of the HAKO mini body is not only used for power supply, but also has the function of data transmission.

Flexible use of portability

As 4K TVs have become cheaper and cheaper in recent years, most homes do not have only one display device, including personal screens in the study, etc. TVs retired from the living room may be moved to the dining room or other rooms for use , These older TVs may not have manufacturers willing to update, or even do not have a smart system. At this time, the portability of HAKO mini can come in handy. No matter what kind of display device you use, as long as it supports HDMI input, connect it to HAKO mini is a way to put the latest smart features on your old TV.

 HAKO mini is small in size, light in weight, and relatively easy to install. You can even hide it directly behind the TV, or install it on the TV in a hotel when you go out to avoid entering your account password on an unfamiliar device.

 Even in a poor network environment, through the USB-A interface extended by the power cord, you can also connect an external hard drive to read and play your own video or file files.

Android TV and Netflix Certified Android TV Box

HAKO mini adopts the Android TV operating system specially designed by Google for smart TVs. The text and image size are more in line with the TV viewing situation. The remote control is also equipped with shortcut keys such as Netflix and YouTube, and you can start chasing dramas with one key. . Because of the genuine authorization, you can download the latest version of the major OTT streaming service apps directly from the built-in Google Play, which is more secure. In addition, HAKO mini has also been officially authorized by Netflix, so you can fully enjoy 4K High-definition video in HDR.

Daily drama watching

The main purpose of smart TV boxes is, of course, inseparable from film and television entertainment. HAKO mini has Antroid TV certification and rich OTT content. As long as it is listed on Google Play, it can almost be added to HAKO mini. You can watch Japanese dramas and Korean dramas as you like. When the epidemic is still severe, it can be said that it is the safest way of entertainment to watch dramas at home with snacks in hand.

 Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars have recently launched new derivative albums, as long as you install the Disney+ App on the HAKO mini, you can easily watch them.

 Prime Video In addition to the recently popular third season of “Black Robe Pickets”, there are also many classic dramas worth watching, which can be quickly entered through the shortcut keys of the HAKO mini remote control.

 HAKO mini is licensed by Netflix, and with the support of TV specifications, you can enjoy 4K HDR high-definition videos.

 With the complete support of HAKO mini, users can enjoy a comfortable time chasing dramas with the best picture.

video game

In the epidemic era, HAKO mini is also a must-have for daily home leisure. More careful users should find that the Google Play market of the Android TV system, as well as game-type software can be downloaded and used, which greatly increases the entertainment, and because it supports the Bluetooth function , After pairing the Bluetooth joystick, the gaming experience is greatly improved.

 The games downloaded in the Google Play market in the Android TV system can basically meet the usage situation of the TV.

 The Bluetooth function of HAKO mini can be paired with a commercially available Bluetooth joystick to play.

Although the mobile version of Google Play games cannot be compared with the real 3A masterpieces, in terms of performance, HAKO mini can also operate very smoothly for 3D games, bringing a pretty good gaming experience.

Under the blessing of the big TV screen, even a simple racing game adds a lot of excitement

image delivery

HAKO mini also has built-in Google Chromecast function. As long as it is in the same Wi-Fi environment, the HAKO mini device can be searched from the Google Home App, which is convenient for casting videos and music from mobile phones and tablets to TVs. In special situations, such as work briefings, photos on your phone, and some apps that don’t support Chromecast, if you want to transfer the screen on your phone or computer to a big screen, you can also use the free app Air Screen, Synchronize the specified picture to the TV for playback.

HAKO mini also has a built-in Google Chromecast casting function, which can easily cast the screen with one click.

 IOS users can also download the screencasting APP for use.

smart family

HAKO mini also has a Google voice assistant function, which can be used to search for video content, play music, and check the weather for a week. However, the ambition of HAKO mini does not stop there. Its built-in HAKO Genie is an elves butler designed by the ihouse team. It can do online ordering, recommend videos and control the ihouse smart devices in the home. It is very exciting for people to look forward to future development. sex.

 HAKO mini can query a variety of real-time information, including local weather conditions, through the Google voice assistant.

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With the recent introduction of Google Chromecsast with Android TV to Taiwan, it will certainly have a certain impact on the domestic TV box market. However, after actually testing HAKO mini, it will be found that HAKO mini may not have the ability to compete with it. When the system and interface are the same, and the video and audio streaming functions are almost the same, HAKO mini has obvious advantages in price, not only the price of the product itself, but also the purchase price of accessories. HAKO mini has a more affordable solution. 

In addition, Google Chromecsast with Android TV does not have an additional expansion port, so foreign users have reported the problem of insufficient capacity, but HAKO mini can be connected to a portable hard disk through the included USB charging cable to increase storage space, With the ability to read local files and the integration of its own ihouse smart home equipment, the future functional expansion is full of imagination, so HAKO mini is still a recommended home smart TV box.

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